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The Downtown Camas Association consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, an Executive Director, a part time volunteer/event coordinator, and four committees each overseen by a Committee Chair. The four committees are patterned after the WA Main Street Four Point Approach: Promotion, Design, Organization, and Economic Vitality.

Each Committee plans activities and creates a Work Plan for each activity in order to achieve its objectives.

Promotion: By promoting the downtown in a positive manner, we focus on the commercial district as a source of community pride, social activity and economic development potential.  Advertising, special events and retail promotions communicate our commercial district’s unique characteristics, business establishments and activities to shoppers, investors, potential business and property owners, and visitors.

Promotion Committee activities: Marketing, advertising, multiple annual community events, historic walking tours, image promotion, fun!

Design: Utilizing appropriate design concepts, the visual quality of our commercial district (buildings, signs, window displays, landscaping, and environment) is enhanced.  This creates a safe, vibrant environment for all downtown users, improving and enhancing consumer and investor confidence in the community.

Design Committee activities: Beautification of downtown, flower baskets, spring clean up and planting, façade improvements, tree and building lighting, public art, preserving history, keeping things functioning well and looking good!

Organization:Each community has many groups of people who are interested in and are willing to work toward the goal of a revitalized commercial district. The organizational element brings together the public sector, private groups and individual citizens to provide effective, ongoing management and advocacy for our downtown district.

Organization Committee activities: Working with volunteers and DCA members to effectively accomplish all the initiatives of the DCA including events and fundraising. Good work yielding solid results!

Economic Vitality:  This element involves strengthening our existing economic assets while diversifying the commercial district.  This goal is accomplished by identifying potential market niches, finding new uses for vacant or underused spaces and improving business practices.

Economic Vitality Committee activities: Business recruitment, business education for success, thinking out of the box, and working with other economic development stakeholders to vision, set goals, and implement plans for creating an ideal mix of businesses, housing, and amenities in our downtown core.