Robert Barber’s career as an Edward Jones financial advisor grew out of his desire to bring a positive impact on people’s lives and to the Camas and Washougal communities.
“I genuinely enjoy helping people and serving our Washougal and Camas community,” he said. “Being a part of my clients’ lives and partnering with them through life’s ups and downs is a tremendous honor.”
Robert grew up in Northern California and lived in Canada prior to landing in Washougal, a place he’s proud to call home. He spends his free time with family and riding his adventure motorcycle through the backroads of the Columbia Gorge.
As an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Robert has called Downtown Camas his business home since June. As financial advisor, his services include retirement savings strategies, portfolio reviews, small business pension and simple plans, life insurance, and wealth strategies.
“I partner with my clients in a way that is approachable and open for people to express themselves, ask questions and learn,” he explained. “I focus on explaining the investment world in terms you can understand, and there are three things I want my clients to walk away knowing: Why I’m suggesting a specific investment/strategy; What to expect from it; and How much it’s going to cost.”
Robert decided to go into the financial sector because, as he said, “I sincerely enjoy helping people, I think it is one of my greatest assets. I have a genuine care and concern for people and put their needs first. I enjoy helping people accomplish what is most important to them and feel a sense of accomplishment when I see them reach their goals.”
He said he chose to work for Edward Jones because “it truly is one of the last financial services that are located right in your neighborhood. At Edward Jones, we want to know what is most important to you. Then, we will come alongside you and use a proven practice to help you reach your financial goals.”
So how does he build a rapport with small businesses? “Working with the Edward Jones model, I am building my small business right here in Camas,” he said. “As a small business owner, I know what it is like to have to face the challenge of connecting with your ideal clients. To that end, I have started a ‘Welcome to Camas’ program for new homeowners. I will be inviting the Camas business community to participate by including flyers, discount coupons or whatever they think will connect with new Camas homeowners and get them to come and check out their place of business. This will be free to our Camas small business community as my way to partner with them during these challenging times.”
Given the shake-up in the economy and downturn due to Covid-19, Robert said the country has certainly seen volatility in the market. “That volatility has created lots of concern for those planning for or living in retirement. As a result, we have found new ways to connect with our clients and the greater community. Using online tools, such as Zoom, Facebook and Linked-In, I have found ways to connect with clients and community to bring insight, encouragement and information to help them make the best decisions possible. Plus, opportunities to simply check-in with each other and connect on a personal level.”
Robert is active in the Downtown Camas community. “I love being a part of it,” he said. “I think that there is a great vibe and a genuine hometown atmosphere that we all need right now. That sense that we are not in this alone, but that I have support from my fellow businesspeople and the Camas community.”
As this year’s President of the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce, Robert said that position gives him the opportunity to get to know the Downtown Camas business community event better. “I want to discover ways that I can support and encourage them. Working together, we will continue to make Camas the best place to work and live in the PNW.”