“Moxy Foxy”
by Blu Achai Jimenez

My name is Blu Achai Jimenez and I’ve been an artist since I was 4 years old. I moved to Camas right before the pandemic from San Diego, CA in Dec. 2019. It is nice here and I’ve made many friends. My culture is Mohawk, Yaqui, Aztec, Hispanic, Polish and French. I have only met one friend here with some of my background, but that’s ok, we’re all different and the same. My newest art pieces are vibrant and colorful and remind me of people in my life that mean a lot to me. This piece is about a few people in my life that are bold and strong but also kind and soft.

I can create many types of art from my brain and can look at most things and just illustrate them. I have always been able to do this. I really like creating robots, and new characters and designs. My mom’s friend gave me these new pens last July and I thought I would play around with them and see what comes out, and then this latest collection just happened. Everyone who sees these latest pieces are drawn to them. They love getting up real close to see the details. Most people smile when they see them. I love to talk with people about art whenever I am invited to do a show. I never realized that people would like my art as much as they do, that makes me happy and feel appreciated.

Art is something that is in my family. I grew up going to Comic-on where the best artists draw comic books and so forth with my parents and sitting in their booth and just creating things. Art is my life, it’s who I am, and I like to share it with everyone. I’m glad it makes people happy and that they want to put it up in their houses.