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Support the continued revitalization of Downtown Camas and receive a tax credit through the Main Street B&O Tax Credit Incentive Program. Pledges are now being accepted for 2024 and your investment will grow our downtown efforts!

The Washington State Main Street B&O Tax Credit Incentive Program allows businesses to make a donation to the Downtown Camas Association (a Washington Main Street 501c3 organization) and in return, earn a 75% state B&O tax credit on that amount.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the WA Department of Revenue website and follow these step by step instructions to make a pledge:

Here are the step by step instructions: 

Step 2: Before November 15th, 2024 make a donation of the pledged amount to the DCA. You can make the donation online at this link or mail a check to the following address: DCA, P.O. Box 1034, Camas, WA  98607

Step 3: In January 2025, when you go to pay your B&O online, you will have the credit available in your account. It’s really that simple!

Thank you so much for supporting the DCA and Downtown Camas!

Thank you to all our B&O Program Donors! Your support truly makes a difference in the vitality of our downtown.

Here is a slide deck that can be shared describing the program as well.


Here are more details:

  • Donate to the DCA and receive a state B&O tax credit of 75% of the donation amount. Public Utility Tax (PUT) is also eligible for a credit in this program.
  • Receive the federal tax deduction as well.
  • This is a way to direct your tax dollars right back into your community.
  • Pledging for the program starts the second Monday in January.
  • Pledging early in the year is best!
  • Pledge early but your donation to the DCA can be made as late as November 15th.
  • Pledges are made on the Department of Revenue website.
  • The federal tax deduction can be taken in the same year as the donation and the state B&O credit becomes available starting January of the following year.
  • Any donation amount works.
  • Credits may not be carried over to subsequent years.
  • Any business that pays B&O taxes in Washington can contribute to any Main Street Program in Washington (you don’t have to be in Camas).
  • This program is unique to Washington and has been a proven economic catalyst for historic Main Street towns since 2006.

Thanks for Donations

Thank you to our past Donors!

*Please note:  Interested contributors can confirm the full extent of these tax benefits with their accountant.

Want to learn more? Contact or (360) 904-0218. Thank you!