Business Resources

Business Resources

Interested in doing business in Downtown Camas? Click here for information on the Downtown Camas Association, why Downtown Camas is a great place to do business, and ways we partner with local businesses to advance downtown efforts. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Successful businesses make a successful downtown! Here are resources to help.

Downtown Camas Shopping

Starting and Running a Business

It is very important to have a clear plan and resources when starting a business. Below are useful links when thinking about starting a business, creating a business plan, having the resources and information you need, and managing and growing your business. Your success is important to us!

Camas Information

Camas, population 28,265, is situated in eastern Clark County, 15 minutes from Portland International Airport. Camas is historically a paper mill town—Georgia Pacific still operates here– and is also home to several large, hi-tech manufacturing industries. Known for its outstanding school system, its charming historic downtown, outdoor recreation, and quality of life, Camas is an ideal place to call home and to do business.

Videos about Camas

We are so very pleased to share our new Downtown Camas videos with you! These show the feel, businesses, art and amenities of downtown and we hope you enjoy them and share them. Thank you!

Downtown Camas Videos

“Welcome to Downtown Camas”
“Fridays in Downtown Camas”
“Saturdays in Downtown Camas”
“Sundays in Downtown Camas”
“Why Come to Camas”
“Chef Tim’s Story”
“Elida’s Story”

This is a 2 minute video about Camas overall and why you want to live and work here!

Here is another 2 minute video that shows very clearly why we love Camas and why it is successful and will continue to grow! Thank you to the City of Camas, the Camas School District, and the Port of Camas Washougal for creating this meaningful piece.

The Camas School District created this video that explains how our history has created the outstanding educational system that we have in Camas. It’s no accident!

Survey Information

Each year the DCA conducts a community survey. In 2023, our survey asked “What Would You Like to See Next in Downtown Camas?” with these top responses: Gathering Place with shadier/covered area for Camas Farmer’s Market, performance/music area and children’s play area; Arcade; Deli/Sandwich Shop

In 2022, our survey asked “What Would You Like to See in Downtown?” with these top responses: Roller Skating/Roller Blading Indoors, Arcade and Bowling. A Kitchen Store with Cooking Classes was a close 4th.

In 2019, our survey asked “What Would Bring You to Downtown Camas More Often Mondays – Wednesdays?” with these top responses: Bowling Alley, Arcade, Ice Cream Shop Open Late Until 10pm and Live Performance (open mic night with singing, comedy, etc).

In 2018, our survey asked “What Do You Most Want to See Next in Downtown Camas?” with these top responses: For retail: Teen Arcade/Activities and a Bookstore and for restaurants: Pizza/Italian and Ice Cream.

In 2017, our survey asked what people would want to most see next in Downtown Camas with these top responses: Food carts (faster food options esp. at events), more live music, a central gathering place, an ice cream shop with evening hours, and a splash pad.

In 2016, our survey asked what people wanted to see next in Downtown Camas with these top responses: Kids’ Play AreaMore EventsRestaurant with Kids’ Area, and Deli/restaurant.

In  2015, our survey focused on what would bring people downtown more often. Top responses: More special eventsmore restaurants (including sushi, pizza, and a deli), and a wine tasting/wine shop.

Important Camas Contacts

  • Mayor’s Office, (360) 834-6864,
  • Community Development Department (Building and Land Development Permits), (360) 817-1562
  • Fire Marshal’s Office, (360) 834-6191
  • Clark County Health Department, (360) 397-8000
  • Camas Washougal Chamber of Commerce, (360) 834-2472,
  • Us! Downtown Camas Association, (360) 216-7378,

Other Business Tools and Education

Local networking opportunities

  • C-W Chamber of Commerce hosts networking luncheons and business after hours events each month. Click here for current events.
  • C-W Local Connections is a dedicated morning networking group, open to all Camas and Washougal businesses, that meets the 4th Tuesday of each month in various Camas and Washougal locations. Click here for more info!