Mission, Values and Vision

Mission, Values and Vision

The mission of the Downtown Camas Association is to develop and promote historic Downtown Camas by creating a vibrant social, cultural and economic center of the community, emphasizing historic preservation and a vision for the future.

The Downtown Camas Association is a nationally accredited Main Street Program. We believe Main Streets are for everyone. At the core of our approach to revitalization is a commitment to creating places of shared prosperity, equal access to opportunity, and inclusive engagement. The Downtown Camas Association models and champions these values through our actions and programs.

Our 5-10 Year Vision:
We are committed to crafting a dynamic, safe community from 3rd to 6th Avenues and between Adams and Garfield Streets. Through thoughtful planning and initiatives, we seek to enhance the area’s amenities, elevate its aesthetic allure, and expand business prosperity. Our vision is to create a welcoming environment that embraces all, fostering a vibrant tapestry of success and opportunity. With strong community engagement as our cornerstone, we aim to cultivate a thriving ecosystem where every individual and enterprise can flourish.

Our Ongoing Long Term Vision:
Downtown Camas is recognized as the cultural and financial anchor of a well-balanced, thriving community. It is the central gathering place and heart of Camas. A mix of small town charm, community activities and robust economics has established downtown as a “first choice” destination.

Beckoning passersby with a hint of the friendly atmosphere and unique character that await, signs leading to downtown welcome visitors and residents alike. The downtown layout provides a sense of place and reveals the proud tradition of public and private investment that has made Downtown Camas a desirable place to gather and a great place to do business. Development in and around downtown is well-planned and remains consistent with the feel and heritage of the core. Downtown is connected with neighborhoods, parks and the waterfront by well-used pedestrian and bicycle paths.

In Downtown Camas, past and present come together. Historically significant buildings have been faithfully preserved or artfully renovated for new uses. A healthy mixed-use approach creates inviting retail shops and restaurants for everyone. Ample downtown housing brings pedestrian flow to support businesses throughout the day and into the evening. The Downtown Camas Design Manual is used to maintain the quality and charming feel through cohesive design.

Central gathering areas and numerous community events encourage residents, families, and visitors to enjoy time together. Strong ties with the Camas schools engage students with their community through downtown volunteering and leisure activities. Downtown Camas is a place that evokes a sense of belonging. Memories are created here.

The tree-lined streets and sidewalks in Downtown Camas are visually appealing and pedestrian friendly. An attractive lighting and landscaping scheme, seasonal flower baskets, public art, places to sit and a range of entertainment options further enhance the hometown aesthetic, making a trip downtown enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Customer experiences are valued in a setting that draws people in and encourages discovery of what downtown has to offer. Coupled with a strong business retention and recruitment program, Camas attracts and keeps key anchor tenants.

Downtown Camas is the showcase for a community that values both its businesses and its citizens. It is where some have made their home and where others can feel at home while visiting. Downtown Camas, quite simply, is an ideal place to gather, enjoy and belong.

DCA Strategies & Action Matrix