“The Rainbow Brick Road”
by Charlie Irwin

I am apart of the LGBTQAI+ community and I want to share my culture with the people of Camas because I know from experience how important it can be to educate the ones around you on your culture. I have seen all sides of the spectrum with how people react to queer people and a lot of it isn’t great. I want the people of Camas to understand we are human too and are a supportive and colorful array of individuals.

With my piece I hope it connects to people who are LGBTQ+ and not. I wanted people to see a bright and imaginative side to the culture of the Queer community. Art in many form and styles has followed me no matter where I go, art is a safe place where I can’t be judged while I make something just for myself. Painting specifically has played a huge roll in my art journey as I try new textures, styles and mediums. It is a part of me.

Living in Camas has been a blessing for how open so many people are here, almost everyone I meet who is from here is so kind. I have lived in Camas all my life and wouldn’t want to grow up anywhere else, I feel a lot of support coming from the Camas community always.