Did you know, Beauty by Freyja, located in the new Moonlight Salon offers sugaring? What is “sugaring?” Body sugaring is a hair removal treatment that’s an alternative to traditional waxing. Sugaring involves a sticky paste (made with sugar, water and lemon) instead of melted wax. Often times, sugaring is a little less irritating or painful than traditional waxing. Unlike waxing, sugar paste is removed in the direction of the hair growth, which helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Jacqui Patton, owner of Beauty By Freyja, says it is a place to nourish yourself. With a dedication to helping you flourish in your own skin. To see all of the services offered by “Beauty by Freyja” or to make your appointment, click here!   Located inside of Moonlight Salon (360) 844-6018, IG @beauty_byfreyja, FB @beautybyfreyjacamas