Did you know Poop Smart Clark is an outreach program focused on reducing bacteria from poop in our local waterways and has funds available to help mitigate problematic areas including leaky septic systems? If you live in the Lacamas Creek watershed and have septic issues, click here to see if you qualify for money to help!

When a septic system leaks or a cow poops, the poop doesn’t disappear. Bacteria from poop can get into local rivers and lakes–places we swim and fish! But when things get messy, we can work together to clean them up. Poop Smart Clark is a program that makes it easier for us to keep our water healthy. For those living in the Lacamas Creek watershed*, Poop Smart Clark offers reimbursements for septic maintenance, plus assistance for livestock projects around manure and mud management, such as manure storage areas and grazing plans.

Let your poop flag fly and learn more at PoopSmartClark.org, or contact PoopSmart@clarkcd.org.

*What’s a watershed?

Poop Smart Clark is a collaborative effort between Clark Conservation District, Clark County Washington and the Clark County WSU Extension as well as many important funders!