DID YOU KNOW Camas has been rated one of the Best Places to Live in 2024 by MONEY Magazine! Woo-hoo! They state that backed by rigorous research and data-driven analysis, the top 50 places are the blueprint for the future! We happen to strongly agree that Camas is!!

Camas is featured here as a Best Kept Secret–again, true! https://money.com/bes…/best-kept-secrets/camas-washington/

Here are the top characteristics that make a community stand out from the rest:

  • Economic Opportunity for Individuals–the availability of jobs across various sectors, upward mobility, and income growth potential, highlighting areas where individuals can thrive financially.
  • Small Business Vibrance–the support and success rate of small businesses, reflecting the health of local entrepreneurship, innovation, and the community’s commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for startups.
  • Government Policies that Favor Growth–the role of local and state government policies in stimulating economic development, including tax incentives, investment in infrastructure, and support for key industries, contributing to a conducive environment for business and residential expansion.
  • Safety–the overall safety of a community, considering crime rates, public safety initiatives, and the presence of emergency services, to determine the well-being and security of its residents.

Thank you to Money.com, presented by ADT, for the recognition! Here’s the full article! https://money.com/best-places-to-live/