DID YOU KNOW that the side street names of Downtown Camas run alphabetically? Starting at the mill, the streets are:

Adams, Birch, Cedar, Dallas, Everett, Franklin, Garfield, Hayes, Ione, Joy, and King.
Historical Fun Fact – The street names used to be different and were changed to read alphabetically in 1936 to make it easier for the fire department to find the streets. The old names can sometimes be seen on the sides of the curbs on these side streets.
Adams was Clark Street

Birch was Clara

Cedar was Burton

Dallas was Beeson

Everett was Maxon

Franklin was Lake

Garfield was Oneonta

Hayes was Whitman

Ione was Pacific

Joy was Mill

Division Street (one block west of Adams) used to be Columbia Street and extended all the way to the river with the mill on the west side and the town on the east side.

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