Downtown Camas is always movin’ and jumpin’. And even more so since Lisa Ackerman brought Jazzercise Camas to the community three years ago.
Lisa has lived in Camas for more than 20 years, actually, and about three years ago, she had the chance to make a “move” downtown, and she “jumped” at it.
“I’ve always loved the downtown area and wanted to make Jazzercise a place where people can come and workout, and then go get a coffee and shop within their own community,” Lisa said.
Having Jazzercise downtown brings more than a hundred people to the immediate area, she said, a good thing for local businesses.
Movin’ and jumpin’ isn’t new for Lisa. “I danced growing up, so when I started doing Jazzercise, it was a natural way for me to workout. I quickly became an instructor and then an owner of my own location. I started out with two classes a week and now have 30 a week.”
She said Jazzercise is considered a “great all-over body workout that incorporates cardio and weights into every class. Once people try it, they are usually hooked.”
One challenge she faced bringing Jazzercise to downtown … the 1980s stigma of what Jazzercise is. “And for the record, Jazzercise has never been about leg warmers,” she said with a smile.
“The ‘80s view is part of our past, but I embrace it, as it is what lead us to what we are now…which is a kick butt workout which surprises most when they try it,” Lisa said. “Jazzercise is one of the first boutique fitness programs out there, and has been around and evolved over the last 50 years. What other fitness programs can say that?”
When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, Lisa and Jazzercise pivoted immediately and started streaming classes online. “We have been offering classes the entire time, either streamed or in person … whatever the state has allowed.”
She said it was vital to keep Jazzercise part of her customer’s day during this past year. “It’s been so important for them physically, as well as mentally. I know it has kept me sane!”
As of right now, Lisa’s Jazzercise is back, open in person … yet she also streams every class for those who aren’t quite comfortable coming in yet. And just as important, her Jazzercise has moved to the Local 5 Union Hall on 5th & Dallas downtown this past year. “We now have a huge space for people to work out in. It’s completely remodeled and has implemented COVID standards.”
Lisa complimented her team of 15 instructors, “they are a part of the reason why I love what I do. We support each other and have laughed and cried together for many years. Jazzercise is a community and a support system that is unique and a big part of my life.”
As is Downtown Camas, she said. “I’m so excited to become more involved downtown as we all open back up even more. Come see me, your first class is on me!”
Click the link to find class schedules and more information on Jazzercise Camas. 514 NE Dallas, 360-980-0022