In this age, it could be said we live in a disposable society. But when we reuse things, when we fix something and give it new life, we can break that cycle. We could re-cycle. When it comes to children’s toys and clothes, maternity wear, the many things you need to raise children, 4Ever Growing Kids in Downtown Camas has made it their passion.
Seven years ago, Amy Jo Begley was searching across Clark County for a place she could share her idea for a new business. “I fell in love with the small-town feel of downtown Camas and that it’s a very family-friendly town,” she said. “I was born in Washington but grew up in a small town in Alaska, and I really enjoyed the small town, homey feel. I was really surprised that Camas did not have a children’s store and I knew it would be a great fit.”

After traveling for many years with a family entertainment company, which coincidentally is where Amy Jo met her husband, “we chose the Vancouver area as a place to settle and raise our two daughters. That’s when I decided it was time to get back into the workforce.” She wasn’t quite ready to put her girls in day care, so she searched for a business that she could run and keep her children close by her side. “I knew that this was not only something that I was capable of doing, but that I would enjoy doing it and helping other mothers like myself.”

She jumped right into the business after finding the right location on 4th Avenue downtown. “I guess I opened my doors blindly, not really knowing how I was going to accomplish my ideas … just knowing that I would,” she explained. “I had an idea, and a vision and just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I knew I wanted a place that mothers could come and enjoy a relaxing, shopping experience and a place where kids would want to come … and even drag their parents back to.”

Amy Jo knew she was going to have to be ready for change and adapt to the market. “I still have a list of Ideas I wrote down before I ever opened. I look back on it now and laugh, because I realize how silly some of them were.”

She builds her rapport with her customers by making them feel at home and connecting with them about life, and about children, and about the reality of being a parent in today’s world. “Our customers are always caring and they want to connect. Most of my customers come into the store and I feel like I have a friend stopping by for a visit. We catch up, we laugh and sometimes we even cry together.”

As more and more folks have found the gems of Downtown Camas, Amy Jo said the number of new faces that come into her shop is noticeable. “We get many tourists and visitors, people that are either traveling with kids and need something that they forgot or lost during their travels or they’re looking for something to take home to their little ones who did not get to join them.”

And that goes for virtual business as well. In response to the Covid-19 challenges, 4Ever Growing Kids has taken their business online too. “And now that we are online, we get many tourists who are happy they can now order online from home, knowing the quality of merchandise that we carry.” That keeps their Downtown Camas brand alive through the World Wide Web.

Amy Jo said they are quite fortunate that in today’s upcycled world, “pre-loved” is an strong trend. Kids are always growing and in need of something … quality kids clothing can break the bank. “But when you are able to save and buy it used and in great shape, that’s a win-win!”

4Ever Growing Kids takes in anywhere from 100 to 200 pieces of clothing, toys, books, equipment and more on a daily basis in their shop at 440 NE 4th Avenue. They are not only entering those items into their consignment software, but also photographing everything and entering it into their online store,