Downtown Camas Merchant Spotlight – Jamie Holmes, A Creative Twist
Jamie Holmes longed for a return to creative learning. Today, this retired teacher now offers seasonal and holiday-themed activities, always with a creative twist, in Downtown Camas.
She calls her place A Creative Twist, project-based classes that “empower students to explore concepts and develop skills while applying principles of art, math, planning, and problem solving,” Jamie explained. “We’re excited to serve the community and hope our studio becomes a popular gathering space.”
With 30 years of learning under her belt, Jamie chose Downtown Camas because she wanted to be part of this community. “I grew up in a small town and feel the support of locals who know each other can have deep connections that make the entire community thrive in so many ways,” she said. “I also feel it would be a great location for parents to drop off their kids while they ran errands or just grabbed a bite to eat and shop locally.”
She opened A Creative Twist at 223 NE 4th Avenue in Downtown Camas because she said she believes there’s a need for students to engage in education using a project-based learning model. “The pandemic has created a stronger need to make education social, but students have always learned with greater confidence while having their minds and hands engaged,” Jamie said. “The brain works in pictures and the best way to educate students is through empowerment through projects. They have authentic ownership of their education.”
Currently, her biggest challenge for A Creative Twist is getting the word out “that this is a learning center where science, math, writing and reading are utilized and strengthened. I build a rapport with customers by listening to their needs, concerns, goals and accomplishments. I truly enjoy helping people.”
Jamie finds that educators have a sort of “superpower” that allows them to understand what the student may not. “I feel my experiences have helped so many children feel successful when traditional learning has let them down.”
She said she hopes visitors and tourists come to find a workshop at Creative Twist “fun and unique, something out of the ordinary that brings connection to the people they are visiting or who are in their lives.”
She operates a Covid-safe business where “we sterilize, wear masks, and take temperatures.”
If you want to find out more about A Creative Twist or to check out available classes, go to