For more than a decade, the trails and paths of Camas have stayed connected to the city’s downtown core through Camas Bike and Sport. Keeping the wheels turning, this business has been more than a bike shop for residents. It’s been a gathering place, a place for instruction and education, and a place for kindness and charity.

Taking the reins of Camas Bike and Sport about a year ago, Jeff Cary and Pete Clagett combined forces are continuing to build a thriving business. Jeff Cary said it’s the community support and future growth potential of the outdoor adventure business that has him burning the midnight oil at his downtown shop.

“I enjoy riding bikes, working on bikes, and outfitting people to do the same,” Jeff said. “We took ownership of the business in the middle of our busy season (last year). Establishing all the supplier accounts under new ownership and maintaining a seamless customer experience was a bigger job than expected.” They persevered and have put their stamp on Camas Bike and Sport. “The shop has been aesthetically refreshed, with new paint, new floor arrangements, and new shop branded merchandise arriving soon.”

Jeff said he’s found the customers in downtown Camas to be friendly and easy going, and to continue to build a rapport with folks, the business must “listen and be respectful. Do what you say you will.”

Camas Bike and Sport is uniquely positioned near the trail system at Lacamas Lake as well as other great riding opportunities close to town. The business rents road and mountain bikes for guests visiting the community. And given that Camas’ downtown core is connected by this series of trails, Jeff said the best way to partake in all this natural splendor is to “enjoy a bike ride outside. Nearly a hundred percent of our business is people getting out and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.”

Once social distancing restrictions are limited, Jeff said Camas Bike and Sport will be sponsoring group rides, maintenance clinics, factory bike demo days, and trail maintenance volunteer opportunities. In the near future, Jeff said he’d like to see the Washougal Bike Park completed in its current location, or maybe the building of a similar park in a nearby location.

And every day, more and more people are outfitted with the right equipment they need to get out and enjoy nature, thanks to Jeff, Pete and their staff. And they encourage everyone to get out and get moving. Happy Trails!

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