Joe Orlando loves the vibrancy of the Downtown Camas business community, and two years ago, he was looking at how he can invest in the excitement and the vibrant nature of a bustling hub of commerce and service. And the light bulb went off … The Electrical Panel!
He has used co-working spaces for years and knew that it was something that Downtown Camas could benefit from. First, he had to find a perfect location for the co-working space. With help in real estate from Greg Goforth and former mayor, Scott Higgins, Joe set his target on the building at 317 NE Cedar Street, right across from Navidi’s Olive Oils and Vinegars.
Joe and The Electrical Panel came up with the slogan “Work from Hometown,” and that sums up their business philosophy perfectly.
“The demand was there for co-working in Camas,” Joe said. “For those who want to work from home but don’t want to feel home bound, those who need faster internet, have a business idea they’d like to advance without renting office space, that’s what we’re for. We have daily rates. Monthly rates. Just plug in and switch on!”
Once children return to school and restrictions are lifted, Joe said the space will begin to fill up. They plan to make the building’s basement an open concept, shared space in the post-Covid world. Prior to restrictions, The Electrical Panel would host happy hours for those using the space. Today, it’s Don Pedro breakfast burritos that occasionally treat those utilizing the co-working spaces. And after the pandemic, visitors in Camas on business will be able to utilize The Electrical Panel’s space as well.
For more information or to check out the space, head to 317 NE Cedar Street in Downtown Camas. You can email or call (847) 716-0189.