Hana, Downtown Camas’ go to Korean food spot, has seen its share of challenges in its first four years … but have triumphed with great heart and “Seoul.”

When Phillip Park and his family opened Hana four years ago along tree-lined 4th Avenue, there was nothing like it in Downtown Camas. With the love, hard work and perseverance of Phillip, his brothers Eric and Andrew and their mother Agnes (pictured above), its popularity swelled making Hana what it is today. That “Seoul” found in every plate served will be a part of the rebranded Gogi Grill Camas coming early December.

“Downtown Camas is a great location to have a business,” Phillip said. “It has so much history, so it is a great honor to be part of the story that continues.”
Phillip explained the hard work that goes into owning a restaurant, yet, he said, the end result is quite rewarding. “After graduating high school, I’ve had many jobs. Every job I worked required having a meal of some sort, whether it’s a sandwich, dinner leftovers, or fast food burgers, so I believe it is very important to have a healthy meal option throughout your daily life. Experiencing the lack of options for a healthy meal, I really wanted to create meals for people that are fresh, fast, easy and healthy.”
That’s the spirit behind Hana, and the new venture Gogi Grill Camas, which will feature Korean barbecue, Yakisoba noodles, Korean fried chicken, along with teriyaki grill favorites. Gogi Grill Camas is going with all eco-friendly containers, BPA-free material, microwaveable, and also freezable, Phillip said, so meal prep is also an option. The meal plates are designed for low carb, low fat, and high protein options.
Phillip and Gogi Grill Camas will continue to face the challenge of Covid-19, navigating the openings and closures. “However, I’m strongly sure we can overcome this and still provide healthy meals for the working family to enjoy.”
Support from the community has kept the restaurant busy and thriving into 2020. “The best qualities our customers have is the same family-oriented bond we share,” Phillip said. “We really appreciate the support. Everyone has their own particular orders and we love that some customers just have to say their names and we know exactly what they are trying to order. But sometimes, they do like to throw us off and switch it up. We have no issues with that! We love that our customers can have an open mind to adventure trying new things Korean cuisine has to offer. And they are always surprised by how much they’ve enjoyed the meal. And that joy of enjoying something new, is so priceless!”
The restaurant’s menu has always been simple. “Every time a customer orders, they get the same high-standard product we put into every meal. It’s fresh, hot, and delicious. Any need a customer has, we try our best to meet that need.”
Nearly 20 years ago, Phillip’s parents owned a restaurant in the same building on 4th Avenue called Rice Time. “So my first job was being a cashier behind the Rice Time teriyaki counter,” he explained. “My parents sold it later in the year, and I had the opportunity to purchase it in 2016. Between the time of selling Rice Time in 2003, my parents owned and operated various businesses. Always being involved with the family businesses, it makes it truly exciting for myself, because Gogi Grill Camas is something I have given much thought into throughout the years and now it’s a reality to have the opportunity to share with the community.”
Check out their website and watch for the new menu options! 412 NE 4th Ave.