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Peace Yourself Together LLC is a Wellness Center that offers services and therapies that are intended to be complementary and supportive for anyone on their health and wellness journey. Whether someone is dealing with a severe health condition, a nagging chronic disease, or even someone healthy and wanting to feel even better or looking for anti-aging possibilities, we have a variety of options that can optimize your quality of life.

The therapies available are safe, easy, and accessible tools, including mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers, LED light systems, BioMats, and more. Typically, our clients experience a reduction in pain, improved quality of sleep, a feeling of better emotional resilience, and other improvements in quality of life. Once a client has been instructed on the correct use of the equipment, he or she can make appointments and use the therapy as a do-it-yourself activity while knowing there will always be a staff member available.

The wellness services offered by the certified practitioners are Energy Balancing Sessions by Lee Huntington, which includes BodyTalk, Accunect, and Reiki; Bio-Energetic Screening by Tim Lightfoot; and Retracing Sequence Method, a neuro-emotional therapy by Kimberly Telegin. These are all noninvasive methods for balancing the whole self from a mind-body-spirit perspective, resulting in reduced stress and an improved sense of wellbeing. We understand that these services may sound new. However, the basis for each of these systems is rooted in long-standing principles that address the subtle energy systems of the body. We welcome and encourage you to visit us to find out more. We would love to share the therapies that have worked for us and our clients to “peace” ourselves together!