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Tranquil Tabby Mobile Cat Vet supports compassionate cat parents who are feeling overwhelmed by stressful visits to the vet.

We provide in-home visits from a Fear-Free Certified feline specialist, so that pet owners and their cats can feel safe, calm, and secure in the comfort of their own home with a veterinarian they can trust.

We understand the challenges and frustrations associated with getting your cat into their carrier. We know how upsetting it is to listen to your cats cry and scratch during car rides to the clinic. We empathize with the feelings of worry and sadness that arise when your cat requires care but you hesitate to bring them in due to past negative experiences. Our team wants to make things better and knows we can!

Tranquil Tabby was founded to elevate what having your cats seen by a vet means. We deliver high quality feline medicine in the home, eliminating the need for carriers and travel. We listen to our clients and build trust by inviting them to be active partners in their cats’ health. We emphasize the importance of ensuring that cats feel at ease with their veterinary care team, aiming to minimize stress for everyone involved.

No More taking cats to “the back” and away from their parents. No more working with veterinary team members who are afraid of cats. No more using thick “cat gloves” to forcefully hold down cats for procedures or nail trims.

We believe in a world where veterinary care teams respect cats for the unique and wonderful species they are and keep their physical and emotional wellbeing in mind during every visit. Dedicated to the love of cats and their people,  Dr. Maher warmly welcomes you to join the Tranquil Tabby family.