“Car Culture”
by Xander Acain

The car culture is where you just gotta enjoy what you see and hear. The cars are there for you to enjoy, so many people get into cars or bikes because they know that no matter if you have money or don’t, you can still show up at a car meet and meet new people and get good connections. If it wasn’t for cars, I wouldn’t know a lot of my closest friends that I call my own family.

Cars are more than just some piece of metal, they are beautiful pieces of art that people have spent many nights and days working on to get to where they want it to be. Why did I choose to take car photos? I’ve been taking car photos from my phone for a while, while not editing them they didn’t come out bad but I wanted to up my photography skills so when Ms. Wakeman said that I could use the camera outside of school I took my chance. Car photography is such a big thing to me. It brings Photography and Cars together which are both big interests to me, it gives me a moment to just understand what in cars I enjoy, also gives me a moment to breathe, and gives me time to just think about myself which I don’t do often. I’ve developed skills in editing in Lightroom and also what angles give me what I’m looking for and the backgrounds help make cars pop out. I used to have many habits with my phone like lowering exposure so I could get more of the car then the background, but with Lightroom and a good camera I can just edit it and not have to lower the exposure.

My evaluation would have to be that it takes time to get the right shot and I can’t just rush it. My photo shows that the car has been worked on a lot and you can see it. I tried to capture the way everyone can just get around each other in such a small space and connect because we all have one thing in common which is a gateway to more things in common. It’s a great community and we have some banter between cars but it’s all love for each other.